Svord Kitchen Steak Knife Carbon Steel Blade Ash Wood Handle 4.5SP


The Svord 4.5 inch steak knife is hand made in New Zealand and comes with plenty of charm. The Swedish high carbon steel blade is brought to an almost razor edge with a skillfully done convex grind. Ash wood is used for the handle which is basic but comfortable with just the right girth for cutting through a nice piece of steak. Remember to dry them off when finished as the high carbon steel will rust if not properly cared for. Designed by master cutler Bryan Baker.

Knife: Svord Knives 4.5 inch Kitchen steak knife, carbon steel blade, Ash Wood handle, Convex edge
Overall length: 23.5 cm or 9.3 inches
Blade length: 11.4 cm or 4.5 inches
Blade thickness: 1.6 mm
Steel: Swedish Carbon Steel
Knife handle: Ash Wood
Dishwasher safe: No
Model: 45SP
Knife Designer: Bryan Baker
New Zealand knife brand: Svord Knives
Made in New Zealand

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