Spyderco Perrin PPT Sprint Run Carbon Fibre Handle S90V Blade Folder


The Spyderco PPT is a limited edition Sprint Run of the collaboration knife designed by French knife makers Fred Perrin, Philippe Perotti, and Sacha Thiel. A distinctive looking CPM-S90V blade is flat ground and perfect for slicing and piercing. The familiar Spydie hole allows for easy one handed opening. Lock up is a hybrid of the liner lock and frame lock, with both a solid frame sized locking arm and the carbon fibre scale. Sculpted carbon fibre scales look and feel great in the hand. It comes with a braided lanyard.

Knife: Spyderco PPT Perrin, Limited Edition Sprint Run Carbon Fiber Handle, Satin blade Folder
Overall length: 18.9 cm or 7.4 inches
Closed length: 10.8 cm or 4.2 inches
Blade length: 8.1 cm or 3.2 inches
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Steel: CPM-S90V
Knife handle: Sculpted carbon fiber
Type: Folding knife / Pocket knife
Lock Mechanism: Hybrid Liner / Frame lock
Model: C135CFP
American knife brand: Spyderco
Made in Taichung Taiwan

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