Fisher Space Pen Trekker Silver Tactical Pen

Fisher Space Pen

The Trekker tactical pen from Fisher Space Pen is a compact, go everywhere pen that's small enough to fit almost anywhere. Closed with the lid on the Trekker pen is a very compact 9.9cm and is 9.2cm for writing. The Space Pen handles extreme weather conditions, can write under water, on dirty greasy paper, and will even write upside down. It comes ready to write with a pressurised PR4 black medium ink refill and is hang packaged. Can be used as a keychain, tactical neck pen, attached to luggage, or an everyday carry pen.

Pen Specifications
Name: Fisher Space Pen Silver Trekker tactical pen with carabiner and lanyard
Type: Ball point pen, refillable
Refill: Fisher Space Pen PR4 Black ink, Medium
Size Closed: 9.9 cm or 3.8 inches
Writing Size: 9.2 cm or 3.6 inches
Body Material: Stainless steel, Black, Rubber comfort grip
Model: 725
American Pen Brand: Fisher Space Pen
Made in the United States of America

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