Boker Plus Tactical Pen K.I.D. Cal .50 Carbon Fibre Bolt Action

Boker Plus

The Boker Plus K.I.D. CAL .50 Carbon Fibre tactical pen is compact but still feels comfortable in the hand. Beautifully made carbon fibre has been used for the pen body which is smooth and stylish looking. A sturdy pocket clip ensures you wont lose your pen and a bolt action mechanism fires the pen out with a bang. It comes ready to write with a black ink refill and is presented in a Boker Plus gift box. Great for EDC, the office or around the home.

Pen Specifications
Name: Boker Plus KID 50 Calibre Tactical Pen with Carbon Fiber Body
Type: Ball point pen, Tactical, refillable
Pen Mechanism: Bolt action
Refill: Fisher Space Pen PR4 compatible ink refill
Writing Size: 10.9 cm or 4.3 inches
Body Material: Carbon Fibre
Model: 09BO078
German Knife Brand: Boker Plus
Made in China

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