About us

Blades of Oz is a new-ish online-only store based in Maitland, New South Wales selling a range of knives, gadgets, gear and accessories in Australia. We sell genuine brand name products only. We’re constantly looking for new and exciting products to offer our customers. Sign up to our blades newsletter to learn about new products and discounts.

As we’re such a new company we’ll be adding new products to our store every week. We intend to offer a wide range of some of the best brands in the knife industry, with a focus on Outdoor knives, Folding pocket knives and Kitchen knives. We also have a growing selection of Tactical Pens, Torches, and Multi Tools.

At this time we only ship within Australia and New Zealand. Contact us if you’re located outside of Australia or New Zealand and we’ll see if we can help. See more knife shipping details here.

Looking for a Knife?
If something is out of stock or isn’t listed on the website just ask and I’ll see if I can get it for you. If I can get it from my suppliers it’ll usually take a week or two to arrive. I won’t try to get in any assisted openers, automatic knives, or anything illegal.

Some of the popular outdoors and knife brands we can get into Australia include: Bark River, Becker, Behring, Beretta, Boker Plus, Brian Tighe, Brous Blades, Buck, Byrd, Camillus, Case Cutlery, Cold Steel, Colt, Condor, CRKT, Deejo, Down Under,  DPx, Elk Ridge, Emerson, Entrek, EnZo, ESEE, Estwing, Extrema Ratio, Fallkniven, Fox, Fred Perrin, Frost Cutlery, Great Eastern Cutlery, Havalon, Higonkami, Joker, Ka-Bar, Kanetsune, Karesuando Kniven, Kershaw, Kizer Cutlery, Kizlyar, Lansky, Lion Steel, Liong Mah Designs, Mag-Lite, Mantis, Marttini, Maserin, Maxpedition, Mcusta, MecArmy, Medford Knife, Microtech, Mora, Mossberg, MTech, Muela, Old Hickory, Ontario, Opinel, Pro Tech, Puma, Quartermaster, Queen, Rapala, Real Steel, Reate Knives, Remington, Schmukatelli, Schrade, Smith and Wesson, SOG, Spyderco, Stedemon, Steel Will, Streamlight torches, Svord, Timberline, TOPS, Viper, Warthog, WE Knife, Winchester Knives, Winkler Knives II, Zero Tolerance, and more.

See our Contact page here if you have any questions.

Thank you
Blades of Oz
NSW Australia